Sunday, November 19, 2000


Q: How can I share some of my music?

 A: The easiest way is to upload is to zip the entire folder or to rar it with Winrar. Then upload it using the orange colored Filebox at the bottom of the left column on any page.  That will upload it to megaupload and I will repost the link for you.

Q: What is a .rar file?

A: Similar to a zip file that is supported within windows but is a more commonly used online.  You can download either 7-Zip (free) or Winrar (Free Trial) to open them.

Q: Hey is there a way I can download a bunch of files without having to wait forever?

A: Why yes! Its called JDownloader and can queue multiple links that are sent to it from within Firefox using the FlashGot Plugin and by pressing Alt while clicking on any sort of Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, etc link.  It will even automatically extract them from the rars for you.

Q: Do you have [Insert Artist]? or I want more of [Artist]!

A: Well we're just kinda starting off here.  Below are a couple blogs that might have what you're looking for.
           Sed De Musica

Q: Aren't you guys just stealing music from starving artists?

A: The best way to support an artist is to go out to their concerts. I remember several times going to Cross Canadian Ragweed concerts and having them say something to the effect of "I don't care how you get our music just get it and give it to all your friends and their friends..." Most of these guys are simply trying to make name for themselves and we try to help them out. Hence the Artist You Outta Know category.

Q: But I really love this guys stuff. Where can I buy it?

A: Start with LoneStarMusic they have pretty much everything there. If you really like them and want to buy a shirt or something Google is your friend. 

Q: Dude you posted my work. Can you please take it down?

A: Sure just email me. We completely respect your work and apologize if we offended you.  But I guarantee you that you've gained a couple fans. No harm no foul.

Q: I have more questions?!?! They're not on this list.

A: Ask away in the comments section.