Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mike McClure - 2009 - Onion


1. Crash Land
2. Perfect Night
3. Gonna Be Hard
4. Deviants
5. Find It In You
6. Light on my Hands
7. Nowhere Woman
8. Pumped Up Charlie
9. Warm Inside
10. The Funeral
11. Highways

Cross Canadian Ragweed - 2009 - Happiness & All The Other Things


1. 51 Pieces
2. Blue Bonnets
3. Burn Like The Sun
4. To Find My Love
5. Drag
6. Kick In The Head
7. Overtable
8. Overtable Interlude
9. Pretty Lady
10. Tomorrow
11. Confident
12. My Chances

Download Torrent (mininova)

Download an Alternate Track 13+14 and shift the bonus tracks to 15,16,17 
ok so the orig torrent has these 2 songs (really only 1 song if you ask me)..theyre just hidden tracks at the end of  track 12...the other bonus tracks were not in the orig torrent

Download WITH BONUS TRACKS (mediafire)
Thanks "Guest" for both links

Also it was also produced by Mike McClure

Chris Knight - 2009 -The Trailer Tapes II

1. Old Man
2. It Ain't Easy Being Me
3. Highway Junkie
4. Summer of '75
5. Bring the Harvest Home
6. I'll Be There
7. Send a Boat
8. River's Own
9. Lova and a .45
10. Speeding Train
11. Blame Me
12. Till My Leaving's Through

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jack Ingram - 2009 - Big Dreams and High Hopes

1. Free
2. Barefoot and Crazy
3. That's A Man
4. Seeing Stars
5. Not Giving Up On Me
6. Barbie Doll
7. Big Dreams And High Hopes
8. Heartache
9. Man In Your Life
10. King Of Wasted Time
11. In The Corner

The title track of Jack Ingram's new album, Big Dreams & High Hopes , recalls the dreams of a Houston kid who envisioned a life onstage from the time he first played a guitar. And because Jack sees so many aspiring musicians on the road at his shows, it's become a priority for him to reach out. "As a musician, it's important for me to reach out those kids who pick up a guitar and want to play. If I could have had some access to the artists I listened to when I was in my teens, it would have saved me a lot of aggravation. When I see these kids backstage or out front in the autograph line, and I get to talk with them, I sure hope I can provide them with some kind of knowledge and insight that prevents them from banging their head against the wall in frustration while trying to pursue their dream. What I tell `em, is exactly what I've learned: it's not that just have to keep on doing it every day. Whether you play an instrument or not, I want people to listen to my music, get that release, and walk away with the resolve to continue pursuing whatever goals they may have."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sonny Burgess - 2009 - Have You Got A Song Like That


01. Beer-I-Cide
02. The Request
03. I Can't Think of One
04. Tomorrow Is Gone
05. Plain Ol' Pain
06. Grain of Salt
07. Thing, Thang, Thing
08. She Don't Make It Easy
09. Cowboy Cool
10. All Kinds of Beautiful
11. Every Now and Then

Sonny Burgess was born in Texas and raised in the small town of Cleburne, Texas. Sonny grew up listening to the traditional country music songs of Hank Williams, Chet Atkins, Roy Clark and Glen Campbell. These Country Stars had a big influence on Sonny’s music. Sonny soon found out at an early age that he loved the stage and had a natural ability to play and sing to an audience. From his first performance on stage in the second grade, Sonny knew he was destined to be a Traditional Country Music Artist. During high school, Sonny excelled in Sports; from playing as quarterback in football to the pitcher on the baseball team. Sonny enjoyed performing for everyone whether it was Sports or Country Music. Sonny remembers playing his music at the Civic Center with his band right after the sporting events he attended had ended. Sonny went on to play professional baseball, but soon had to decide between the two careers he loved, Baseball or Country Music. Thank goodness he chose Country Music or we would not have such CD’s as, “When In Texas”, “Stronger”, and his New Release CD, “Have You Got A Song Like That”, on Red River Records coming out in January 2009. In 2001, Music City Records and Producer Kerry Kurt Phillips released “When In Texas” which seemed to crystallize all the hope and potential Cleburne had seen in its favorite son for years. It notched four top 10 singles in the key Texas music charts and brought him the first opportunities to play venues such as the Grand Old Opry, Nashville's Fan Fair/CMA Music Festival, The Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville & Orlando and Sonny made his national television debut on "Crook & Chase". If it wasn't the yellow brick road, it was an important stepping stone. Sonny Burgess went back to Nashville to his first Producer, Mr. Kerry Kurt Phillips of “When In Texas” to produce his new CD. Sonny and Kerry Kurt had been friends and wrote songs together before his first CD “When In Texas”. They have always had a very good working relationship. Mr. Phillips knows just what to say to Sonny to get the best performance from him. Sonny Burgess’s new single release “The Request” from the CD “Have You Got A Song Like That”, is now climbing the Texas Country Charts. Mr. Phillips thinks this will be the very best of Sonny Burgess.

Ive been waiting for this cd for awhile...cowboy cool is a really good song...give it a listen before you download if you like

Upcoming TX Country Releases

So Im sorry for being away for so long.... my hard drive went out and I had to RMA it to western digital I didt miss any new releases tho

8/25 Jack Ingram - Big Dreams & High Hopes
9/1 Cross Canadian Ragweed - Happiness And All The Other Things
9/1 Casey Donahew Band - Moving On
9/15 Chris Knight - Trailer Tapes II
9/29 Robert Earl Keen - The Rose Hotel

There are more but these are the ones Im looking forward to the most