Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Robert Earl Keen - 2009 - The Rose Hotel

Thanks for posting a link to the torrent.

1. Robert Earl Keen - The Rose Hotel (3:46)
2. Robert Earl Keen - Flyin' Shoes (3:59)
3. Robert Earl Keen - Throwin' Rocks (5:48)
4. Robert Earl Keen - 10,000 Chinese Walk into a Bar (4:16)
5. Robert Earl Keen - Something I Do (4:16)
6. Robert Earl Keen - The Man Behind the Drums (3:59)
7. Robert Earl Keen - Goodbye Cleveland (4:29)
8. Robert Earl Keen - Laughing River (4:25)
9. Robert Earl Keen - On and On (4:37)
10. Robert Earl Keen - Village Inn (3:51)
11. Robert Earl Keen - Wireless in Heaven (4:34)


Clint Osmus and The Bushmills - 2009 - Clint Osmus and The Bushmills

1. Sam Stone
2. There You Are
3. Sweet Alicia
4. Stranger
5. Passing You By
6. Never Met You
7. When She Runs Back To Me
8 Stay With Me
9. Someday
10. See You Around

Buster Jiggs - 2009 - Heartache Jubilee

1 She's Gonna Break Your Heart
2 Addicted to You
3 Ain't It Sweet
4 Once Again
5 You Don't Have to be Lonely
6 Pretty White Wings
7 Heart of Mine
8 When I'm Dreamin'
9 Madhouse
10 Everything You Need
11 Down Country Lovin'

Download Link (Rapidshare)

Radney Foster - 2009 - Revival

01. A Little Revival
02. Forgiveness
03. Until It's Gone
04. Second Chances
05. I Know You Can Hear Me
06. Angel Flight
07. Trouble Tonight
08. Shed a Little Light
09. I Made Peace With God that Day
10. Life is Hard
11. If You Want to Be Loved
12. Suitcase
13. A Little Revival (Reprise)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Josh Abbott Band - Brushy Creek


1. Josh Abbott Band - Brushy Creek (3:38)
2. Josh Abbott Band - All of A Sudden (3:11)
3. Josh Abbott Band - She's Like Texas (4:01)
4. Josh Abbott Band - I Just Wanna Love You (3:12)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Editor and some changes maybe?

First of all everybody officially welcome ccr Ive made him an editor now so he can stop posting links in the shout box also Ive been crazy busy and will continue to be.

I really want to hear from you guys on this one...use the comments button of this post pls

1) Im looking for something where I can do requests separate from the shoutbox just to keep it more organized and keep people for asking for the same thing over and over any idea of what i could use?  Forum on the way.... anyone have experience setting these up?

2) Is there anything you guys think this site is missing? And dont say new content I know already

3) Do you guys like the site the way it is organized/setup, more specifically the tags feature being "Artist:zzzz" instead of ZZZZ being there (I thought it was a good idea to keep them separate so people could jump to other tags like "discography" easier.) Is it hard to read?

4) Most importantly have you told anyone about this site? My unofficial goal is to have that little counter be 5 digits before Jan 1.

Also Ive added the megaupload box on the bottom left....for all of you reluctant uploaders...all you need to do its rar or zip your files (no passwords!) and click browse and select the file...enter a simple description and then click send itll give you a link thats really tiny but you can click it and itll take you to where the file is hosted then just cut and paste into the shoutbox
and Im sorry that its cut off but when i change the look of this thing ill make it work better but i figure its better than nothing and just so you know it does upload all the files to one account that i made just for you guys so i will probably (depending on how popular it is) every week or so make a post with everything yall have upped

hit up those comments some more....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Josh Abbott Band

By request...
Self Titled LP (2007)
1. Josh Abbott Band - Buried Me (4:11)
2. Josh Abbott Band - Miss You Again (5:36)
3. Josh Abbott Band - Taste (4:28)
4. Josh Abbott Band - Electric Skies (4:00)
Scapegoat (2008)
1. Josh Abbott Band - Miss You Again (5:08)
2. Josh Abbott Band - We're All In (3:07)
3. Josh Abbott Band - Buried Me (4:22)
4. Josh Abbott Band - Here I Stand (4:52)
5. Josh Abbott Band - I'll Trust You (5:00)
6. Josh Abbott Band - Good Night For Dancing (Feat. Charla Corn) (4:33)
7. Josh Abbott Band - Scapegoat (Heart Of Stone) (3:34)
8. Josh Abbott Band - Distant (2:48)
9. Josh Abbott Band - On My Mind (4:10)
10. Josh Abbott Band - Her Eyes Turn Green (4:13)
11. Josh Abbott Band - If I See You Tonight (4:00)
12. Josh Abbott Band - Evil Woman (3:25)
13. Josh Abbott Band - I Guess It's Time (Acoustic) (3:36)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Great Divide Discography

The Great Divide - Discography
1994 - Goin' For Broke
1998 - Break In The Storm
1999 - Revolutions
2000 - Afterglow
[No Cover]

2001 - Dirt & Spirit
2002 - Remain
2003 - Absolutely Live At Tumbleweed Vol 1 & 2
2005 - Under Your Own Sun

User Contributions

So I thought I'd make a single post as kind of a catch all for those of you who post links in the shoutbox that I didnt make a torrent for

Chris Wall - Cowboy Nation
Jackson Taylor Band - Goin Down Swingin (also added to orig discography post)

Paul Eason - Mountains of Nuevo Leon
Two Tons of Steel - Dead Crickets
 Lynyrd Skynyrd - God and Guns

I used the links that were originally posted.... I figure its only fair with the points and stuff

For future reference....I'll use your link unless it has a password on it then Ill repost it myself

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chris Young - 2009 - The Man I Want To Be

And to for sharing this one too!


1. That Makes Me
2. Voices
3. The Dashboard
4. Gettin' You Home
5. It Takes A Man
6. The Shoebox
7. Rose In Paradise (Duet With Willie Nelson)
8. Twenty-One Candles
9. The Man I Want To Be
10. Rainy Night In Georgia

Download Torrent 

Casey Donahew Band - 2009 - Moving On

Thanks to the reader for sharing this


1. Ramblin' Kind
2. Next Time
3. Breaks My Heart
4. California
5. Nowhere Fast
6. Let Me Love You
7. Burn This House Down
8. Break Me Down
9. Strong Enough
10. Broken
11. Angel
12. Moving On

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blue Broussard Band - 2009 - All Alone


1. Friday Night
2. Too Many Miles
3. 1 of a Kind
4. England
5. All Alone
6. Baby
7. Morning
8. Let Us Love Again
9. TX Girl
10. Throw It Away
11. Back Again
12. Couple of Tears