Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cross Canadian Ragweed - 1999 - Acoustic at the Wormy Dog

I hope this is what you guys were talking about.....if not then enjoy anyway

1. Mary (2:06)
2. Tension (3:56)
3. 42 Miles (3:04)
4. Sunset Blvd (4:38)
5. Mustang Burn (3:18)
6. Highway 377 (4:56)
7. Road Goes On Forever (4:49)
8. One Of These Days (3:28)
9. Bang My Head (4:51)
10. Medium Pace (2:26)
11. Proud Souls (3:40)
12. Paint It Black (2:41)
13. Pancho And Lefty (4:36)
14. Alright (3:07)
15. President Song (4:16)
16. My Hometown (3:51)
17. Corpus Christi Bay (3:40)
18. Hey Hey (3:02)


  1. How can I download this? I WILL PAY. :-)

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  3. How Can I Download This Album
    it always sends me to an advertisement
    and then after I click download product
    it says that this item is not available in your country
    Please Help!

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  5. I see alot of these arent around anymore but, I seem to have most of the ragweed bootlegs and boland bootlegs

    if anybody has any of these bootlegs old mp3's laying around and i will host them

  6. Would love to get my hands on this... Anybody still have this download? Thanks