Friday, October 23, 2009

Who is your favorite "Artist You Outta Know"?

I'm just wanting to get a little feedback on uploads I tagged as "Artist You Outta Know" I felt like everyone who listens to Texas Country should have some idea who those artist are. Who do you like from the uploads. You can also mention your favorite album/artist that you discovered here. Its nice to have a blog where people can share similar taste in music.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whiskey Myers - 2008 - Road Of Life

1. Thief Of Hearts
2. Kyle Hope
3. Gone Away
4. Lonely East TX Nights
5. Hippie's Last Lament
6. Road Of Life
7. Melancholy Blues
8. Goodbye Girl
9. Summer 2005
10. American Outlaws
11. Nobody Knows Her Name
12. Russell's Song
13. TYA

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The Scott Wiggins Band - 2007 - Burn

1. Was It Worth It
2. Side Of Me
3. Lonely Is Holding Me
4. Whole Time
5. There Goes The World
6. When She's Lonely
7. Long Run
8. Addictions
9. Perfect Way
10. Start Tonight

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The sophomore album by The Scott Wiggins Band. Can't really remember what song I heard first on the radio. It had to be Side Of Me or Was It Worth It. Can't remember the leading single. But I don't need to say much either. Just give it a listen.

The Scott Wiggins Band - 2005 - Only See...

1. Country Girl
2. You're The One
3. Let Him Go
4. Only See
5. Mexico
6. Tell Me Why
7. Baby Its Alright
8. Slow Suicide
9. Can Do No Wrong
10. Fade Away

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Did I mention the previous two releases were HARMONICA heavy?

What another gem that was found. First heard the song Mexico on the radio. "Put up with all the shit you do." That line is powerful is this song. I don't think I need to write much about these guys to win you over also. You know what to do. Just listen.

Texas Renegage - 2007 - After Everything

1. Angel Of The Moonlight
2. More Than I Deserve
3. Love Is A Funny Thing
4. Born To Love You
5. Summer Again
6. Fight For You
7. Julie
8. Better Than Being Alone
9. Bar Ditch
10. Cold In California
11. Still The One
12. Gettysburg
13. Cigarettes And Whiskey

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A little more polished releashed by the heavy HARMONICA band, Texas Renegade. Pretty sure first song I heard on the radio was Angel Of The Moonlight. If you already gave their first release a listen, you don't need to be won over by listening to this album. You know its gonna rock. Be on the look out for their next release entitled "Bad Dreams and Other Things" out November 11.

Texas Renegage - 2004 - 3 A.M.

1. 3a.m.
2. Down the Line
3. Flite Acres Road
4. Be Alright
5. Way I Am
6. Waiting on Time
7. Best Asset
8. I Need Love
9. Good Day To Start
10. South of Sanity
11. Don't Want To Wake Up
12. State of Mind
13. Heartbreakers Waltz
14. The Rain
15. Renegade

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I hope your ready for the HARMONICA because here it comes!! First heard the song Renegade on the radio. Wow! What a powerful song. From the opening chords to the solo to the HARMONICA! I'm pretty sure I don't have to say much about this band to win you over. And I warned you. HARMONICA.

South First Band - 2007 - Like The Movies

1. Wake Up Wanting Me
2. If You Leave That Way
3. Like The Movies
4. Something Real
5. Me Without You
6. Backroads
7. Stars Over Austin
8. Nothing Like We Have
9. Back To Texas
10. Ice Cold Beer (And A Cigarette)

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I also got this from the same site as the previous post. After I got this CD, I started hearing Ice Cold Beer on the radio. It wasn't until I went back into my CD collection to find out that I had this CD. A good selection of tunes hear.

Ryan Bales Band - 2006 - Revival

1. Moonshine
2. Closet
3. Heartbreaker
4. Just Not Good Enough
5. Smile
6. Up From The Bottom
7. Break Me
8. Taryn’s Song
9. Outlaw
10. Little Fame
11. Better Off Dead

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I'm pretty sure I heard Ryan Bales Band on the the same radio station of my previous uploads. This first song will get you pumped up and ready to go out. Here you got a lot of fast upbeat songs with a few slow songs. Another very distinct lead vocal.

Lost Immigrants - 2006 - ...Waiting On Judgement Day

1. Judgement Day (Radio Edit)
2. Dixie Queen
3. Memories & Rust
4. Evangeline
5. Last Mistake
6. Maybe December
7. Ghosts You Can See
8. Let's Drive
9. Weather Of You
10. Circle In My Head
11. Something Better
12. Judgement Day

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Also got this from the same site as Level Route. Great band. Another distinct lead vocalist.

Level Route - 2007 - Level Route

1. Rearview Mirror
2. Rather Be With You
3. Make Me Smile Tonight
4. Dings
5. Rolling Stone
6. Hotel Nightstand
7. Terminator #7
8. Goodnight
9. Tired
10. Roll On

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I can't remember where I came across Level Route, must have been from a some music site. But these guys are good. The lead singers vocals are unique. You got the harmonica and fiddle on some songs. Definitely check out Rearview Mirror, Make Me Smile Tonight and Terminator #7.

Brandon Jenkins - 2009 - Brothers Of The Direct

1. Blood For Oil
2. What I Was Born To Be
3. All In All
4. Out Of Babylon
5. White Van Blues
6. Innocent Man
7. Streets Of North Hollywood
8. Marching Toward The Guns
9. We Could Go To Paris
10. Hearts Don't Break Even
11. Ricardo's Cadillac
12. Each Step You Take

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Charlie Shafter Band - 2007 - 17th & Chicago

1. Not My Girl
2. Tall Tale
3. Velcro Shoes
4. 17th & Chicago
5. Lately (When You Still Believed in Unicorns)
6. California
7. Jesus & James Dean
8. Big City Baby
9. Black Sky
10. Diamonds
11. Blackbird
12. Medicine Man

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The song I heard on my local radio station was Big City Baby. I must have heard it about 10-15 times before I found out who sang it. Then one day, I was like, I gotta hear what this band has to offer. I was blown away. If you just listen to this album from start to finish you would understand what I'm saying. The lyrics are right on. The instruments on this album are perfect. Everything seems to flow on this album. You have some fast songs, and slow songs that tell great stories. I might have to mention this has my favorite album of '09 even though it came out in 07. Definitely pick up this album. It will not disappoint.

Charlie Shafter Band - 2005 - Orange

1. Hello Austin
2. Ain't Done Yet
3. Train Of Love
4. Said True
5. Goodbye Marie
6. Dust In The Water
7. The Ballad Of
8. Bel Air
9. If You See Me
10. You Could Be
11. The End

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I first heard of the Charlie Shafter Band on my local radio station also. This is their first release. This and their next release are different to me. 17th & Chicago has a more relaxed/chill feel. It seems as it was produced better and the instruments on that album are fantastic. But I think you can say every bands first release isn't all the best produced.

Joey Green Band - 2008 - Vinyl Destination

1. Blue Jeans
2. Waste Of Time
3. Spinnin' Round In Circles
4. Reach
5. Silk Apologies
6. Torino
7. Expectations
8. Damned Lonely
9. Hide and Seek
10. Canvas and Chains
11. Alone Tonight
12. The Cheatin' Kind

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Another band I heard on the local radio station. The song was Damned Lonely. I heard the song numerous times on the station and I thought I had to get the CD. CD turned out to be great. Joey Green writes some different lyrics, but don't let that you stop from listening to them. Hope to check them out live once they come around here.

Full Throttle - 2006 - Drive

1. Intro
2. Burn Me Down
3. Bye Baby Goodbye
4. Matador
5. Hill Country Love
6. All Alone Tonight
7. I Just Wanna Be Yours
8. Spanish Castle Magic
9. Somewhere, Texas
10. Out Of This Town
11. Wanted
12. The Way
13. Six Feet In The Ground

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Like mentioned before, I first heard these guys on my local radio station. Feel in love with Matador. Its such a powerful song. This whole album in perfect. Can't go wrong with any of it.

Full Throttle - 2004 - Full Throttle

1. Tear It Up
2. Somewhere Texas
3. Comin' Home
4. Away From Me
5. On My Mind
6. Living Hand By Hand
7. All Alone Tonight
8. Set Your Soul Free
9. Bye Baby Goodbye
10. Until Then
11. Lost In Texas
12. Love You Just Right
13. Devil's Door

I'm going to be uploading some artist who I enjoy a lot and think you should know.

I first heard Full Throttle on the local radio station. The song was Matador and I was hooked every since. Well Full Throttle was a short lived band. Only lasting 3-4 year maybe, but they put out two great records. I've seen them play live twice. One on a stage outside the SA Rodeo and another at one of the Annual Reunion/Christmas shows at Sam's Burger Joint. Don't let this band go past you. Also check out Keegan Reed Band. The bass players new band.